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Answers to Common Questions About Moving With nuBridgeRelo

If you’re moving to or from China you probably have plenty of questions. We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience and have provided below the answers to questions that we are regularly asked. If you need more advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Apart from the usual items, like fire arms, ammunition, pornography and illegal drugs, China also imposes a ban on several other items that you may not be immediately aware of.  

Chinese antique items from before 1795 are prohibited to export; framed butterflies and fossils are also on the prohibited for export list. Knives, daggers and swords are also items that cannot be included in your shipment though, strangely, you can check these in luggage on your flight.  Counterfeit DVDs cannot be exported, as well a large collection of singular items, such as golf sets, bicycles, and similar items that would be considered beyond a reasonable amount by customs.

Most countries prohibit many of the items mentioned above though, like China, some Eastern European countries have much stricter requirements on what can be imported as a household goods shipment. We can advise on such prohibited items for the specific country that you are moving to.

There is one item on the prohibited item list for all countries and that is IVORY. Regardless of age or whether it came from an Elephant or not, IVORY is banned in almost every country and can cause serious problems for importation as well as export, which could result in stiff fines and even jail time.

Generally we would discourage packing liquid products. If the bottle or jar breaks the liquid could cause damage to other parts of your shipment. A broken bottle of shampoo that has leaked out onto the leather furniture could cause irreparable damage, and be disappointing for you.

We strongly suggest not to include cleaning fluids because of their corrosive nature and the potential damage they can cause.

As cool as they look when they explode, such flammable materials are not allowed to be shipped.  If you are looking to ship BBQ gas bottles, motor mowers and petrol powered gardening tools, the tanks must be emptied and, we would suggest, vented several days prior to packing for safety’s sake.

Food can be exported, though in small quantities and only dried or tinned. Please note that many countries ban the import of food in household shipments, so it is good to check with us at the time of the survey concerning the customs regulations of the country you are moving to.

Alcohol is restricted in many countries, though generally those souvenir bottles collected during you time in China can be included. Note Beijing Customs do not allow alcohol to be included in a household shipment, whereas other cities are not as strict. Please check with our representative at the time of the survey.

No matter how big or how small, China customs X-ray all boxes and match the items with the description on the packing list.  This is because authorities want to make sure that you are not trying to smuggle commercial goods out as your personal effects and therefore denuding the authorities of export revenue.

Many countries allow the duty free importation of personal effects; however, in many cases, customs do require a certain amount of documentation to be presented in order to enjoy the duty free franchise. In many cases, the duty free status is determined on having correct immigration status at the time of import. Our representative will be happy to provide you with the relevant customs information at the time of the survey, regarding the ‘duty free’ status of your shipment.

The short answer is, No.  There are many variables at play in shipping your personal effects that mean we are only able to give you an approximate delivery window.

Factors such as customs clearance time, vessel availability, sailing delays, customs clearance at destination and delivery schedules are beyond our control.  However, from experience we can advise when packing should be scheduled in order to be close to the delivery date required.

Mold occurs because of 3 factors. Heat, dirt and moisture. Therefore, the hot summer days could be a contributing factor, as could the humidity of the summer season in certain Chinese cities.

But one must not neglect that in order for mold occur, dirt also has to be present. Though this is not just the providence of dirty or muddy shoes or even dirty rugs: in fact mold could grow on clothes that have been stored in a musty or dank wardrobe have been worn and put back in the wardrobe unwashed. Ground in dirt and sweat on cushions and arm rests of furniture can cause mold.

Mold is in not a result of poor packing or a change in climate during the relocation. For that reason nuBridgeRelo employs several preventive measures to reduce the occurrence. Clean and dry packing materials, are used to pack your personal effects: Sachets of silica gel, a moisture absorber, are packed in all cartons and, for even further protection, special moisture inhibiting ‘poles’ can be hung in the shipping container. Though not a 100% guarantee against mold, this goes a long way to stopping this possible damage.

The answer is most definitely, yes.  No matter how professional and conscientious our packing, there remains a chance that damage could occur at any point during the relocation.  For this reason nuBridgeRelo provides several insurance packages to suit your budget and the level of coverage you want.

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