Excess Baggage Shipments

Sending to or From China


If you need some extra help transporting your belongings, we can help arrange for the delivery of your excess baggage to your destination.

Who is this moving service for?

If you don’t have items to move that require significant container space or simply have a bit too much to handle by yourself, this option could be best for you.

If you have a bigger shipment, perhaps our services for corporate moving or privately arranged moving would be a better fit.

What is the process for a typical move?

Advise us of the size and weight of your baggage or cases; give us a description of contents: tell us where to send it and we will do the rest.

Transportation options

If time is of the essence, then sending by air via our Budget Air Move service might be the ticket.  For shipments of a suitcase or two this is an affordable option.  Please note that this service is restricted to clothes, shoes, books and souvenirs only and that Electronic and electrical items, batteries, liquids, powders and food items cannot be included.

If your shipment a bit too big to send by air, then our LCL Sea option could be the way to go. Everything is packed into a large box for a safe and secure journey and can be sent immediately, arriving at the destination in the shortest time possible.

But, if you’re seeking a really cost effective way to send home more than a couple of suitcases and you don’t mind when it arrives, then our ‘Slow Boat Service’ could be just right for you. Your things will be consolidated with other shippers moving to the same country, spreading the costs and lowering overall shipping costs, making for a very affordable service. Available to certain destinations only.

Customer Confidence

Expert advice with paperwork, processes and efficient transportation

Specialist packing cartons and padding materials for added protection

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