Privately Arranged Moving

Moving to or From China


Who is this moving service for?

If you’re arranging your move without the help of your employer, this might be the best option for you. We understand that clients who are moving without company assistance have different priorities and requirements and can cater to shipments and budgets of varying sizes.

We also offer services for corporate moving and excess baggage shipment.

What is the process for a typical move?

1. Pre-move Survey: Our company representative assesses the volume of what you are moving, explains our packing procedures (including special requirements for fragile items) and notes any specific requirements you may have. They will also explain customs requirements, insurance and discuss your moving schedule.

2. Pre-Move Material Delivery: We can deliver packing materials before the move to enable you to do some personal packing (items such as clothes, toys etc.) in advance.

3. Packing of the shipment: Our professional crews carefully pack your items using appropriate materials – specialist packing cartons, tissue paper and bubble wrap – to enhance protection for the journey ahead.  Custom made cartons or wood crating can be supplied for delicate and sentimental items requiring special protection.

4. Customs Clearance Process: Our experience with customs regulations means that shipments can be exported without hassle or delay.

5. Transportation: We advise you on the most convenient and cost effective method of moving your personal effects. During the survey we will suggest which method best suits your requirements.

6. Final Delivery to New Residence: Your items are delivered at the end of our door-to-door service to any part of the world.

Transportation options

Because many clients who move independently have relatively small shipments to transport, we are able to offer specialized services that do not require a full shipping container. Our LCL service (packed in large wooden crates) can be sent by fast ship or even by air if extra speed is a must. If time is not important, we can also offer a Groupage transportation option, which may be more suitable.

Contact us to discuss your options.

Customer Confidence

Professionally trained packing crews with English speaking superivsors

Specialist packing cartons and padding materials for added protection

Expert advice with paperwork, processes and efficient transportation

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